Get healthy with footbike

Get healthy with footbike

Get healthy with footbike – that’s the name of our new documentary which is intended for the general footbike public and for all the enthusiasts who are now considering to begin with footbiking.

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In the beginning, there was an idea of our friend, the great fitness trainer, Daniel Hejret, who also coaches the Czech athletes.

Daniel himself behaves as a delighted propagator of footbiking – he changed some attitudes to the fitness training of his charges, i.e. he removed biking from their training schedule and replaced it with footbiking. And it works!

And the impulse to make this documentary was also the fact that Daniel collaborates with his friend on the coaching of our national team members – this friend is MUDr. Miloš Barna, the doctor and head of the rehabilitation centre.

All people who participated in making this documentary agree that the footbike is healthy sporting event which is worth doing. We would like to thank to all partakers in our documentary and to all who collaborated with us as well. We believe that the opinion of the footbike will change – from the child plaything to the healthy sport/relaxation tool.


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