About us

„We aren’t some nameless club, nor we are a club without face. There you can read who we are. “

Zdeněk Valenta – founder of the club, runner, kick-biker, inventor of new machines, traveller… etc.

On this planet, our Pacha Mama, I started to live in 1970. I spent my childhood in Podkrkonoší (at the foothills of the Giant Mountains), where I mostly ran around in the local coniferous forests. At the same time, I went to school as well. And because I was diligent enough to study the subjects my teachers deemed important, not only have I acquired a proper education, I have also earned a certificate to prove it. That certificate which should help me to make my way in the world. Although it didn’t happen, I am a proud father of two excellent children.

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I started to change my unorganized life two years ago, when I could familiarize myself with the world of running and kick-biking eventually. Then I noticed how foolish I was living. I am changing it now – I replaced my desire to own something with the desire to share. To share the world with you, to share the running and kick-biking club and on top of that the excitement to be alive.

I am looking forward to meet you!

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Jana Šmídová– occasional runner, kick-bike enthusiast, traveller, co-founder of the club and its activities and a big support of the club mentor.

Every person knows that there are crossings in our lives where we can’t see what’s going to happen next. On one of these life crossings appeared one human who brought big changes. Zdeněk Valenta changed my perception of the life and the world are living in. Dan Pilát on the another hand familiarized us with the kick-bikes which brought us into our childhood again – even when we are told to be adults. Now when another life crossing appears I am not afraid anymore to decide which way I shall go further and I don’t wait for an opportunity. My goal is to overcome my own limits, because I know now that there is always enough strength left to take another step.

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I am looking forward to meet you all who I don’t know yet!

Please contact me on:


Adam Vaněk – translator, country philosopher, tea lover, amateurish gardener and also an occasional sportsman.

Born in the bohemian basin in the revolutionary year 1989, I began my life journey in my beloved Polabí (“Elbendale”) which I rightfully call my home. I showed always a too wide range of interest, sometimes flighty so that I didn’t know sometimes what interests me more – history, martial arts, tea culture, herbalism, hiking or just the art of living “nice and good”. But with one field I was pretty sure already as the student of the elementary school – linguistics. Therefore, eleven years later, I found myself making a life as an independent translator. During my translation jobs, I became acquainted with various fields of human activity – besides other things with the kick-biking and related disciplines which I got to like, so I joined the team as a member whose job is to translate, proofread and help with creating multilingual range of the club.

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I am looking forward to meet you and any possible cooperation!


Matěj Balcar – director, film-maker through and through, new supporter of the club on the field of motion pictures.

It was in the year 1991 when I first saw the light of day. Although many things happened since then, I didn’t change that much. Even though my height was less than one meter and now it’s almost two, I am still the curious, lively and creative boy who likes the world, people and adventures around. Perhaps because of that all, even I, a fresh director, scriptwriter and beer lover, became familiar with the kick-biking world and people doing it. Their discipline, enthusiasm and love to move impressed me so much that I wanted to contribute a little bit as well. – and now I bring you some results of their efforts and experiences by means of the moving pictures. Because the movie is what I love most, with exception of my beloved girlfriend, family and dog. I hope you will enjoy the movie!

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